/e/ exposition/Programmation / My place isn't despairing, but it's softly haunted
by Paola Quilici / Lucille Léger

> écrit il y a par

Transitional bodies. Soft Occupations. Communitas—yearning. “To be” = to want to be forever. To space out. Magic urges upward, throughout the network. Something of the furniture. To be the furniture. The sidewalks of La Petite Couronne are alarming. They become cadenze. A dream or a bump between two rivers. Fourfold Vision and Medusa spirit and the collapse of unique reason—a surrender to the beloved. Le Visible et l’Invisible. New Sincerity post-Wicca. Making sure I don’t get hit by a self-driving car in the incantation. Wild carpet (a timeless placeless place).
To use the body and magic otherness to fasten word clouds. To map out old industrial cities. The perception of liminal caesura of the un/conscious in the midst of the process. And then, arising without a cause. Genderless narratives. Throwing each other to the Dreamsnake. The grasp of the real will result in an outright suppression of the brilliance that we wanted to stabilise, which is replaced by a set and a false light. Yellow flowers and Obsidian eyes. [Cellphone vibrates]. Where? Through the darkness, I blindly searched for my phone.The ritual has ended, but joy goes on.

and we are here on the edge
because in this space betwixt spaces
where nothing stands,
we are what it spells.

>readings/objects/video&sound by: Pauline Chasseray-Peraldi & Paola Quilici, Clara Pacotte, Rosanna Puyol, Giancarlo Pirelli.