/e/ exposition/Programmation / Janus Multifrons
by Souci Du Drame (Camille Brêteau / Julien Carpentier / Sarah Netter)

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6) The yawning gap separates the two faces, with authority and determination, the Goddess, does not exist. The becoming, constrained, hindered, sweating – our bodies carries no identicity. The Porter, Janus, yet keeps the entrance and the exit – the key and the staff. To recover, to escape the coldness of utility and sameness, the laurel must remain green all year long.

7) Here, everything is at least twice. From the inert bodies to the human body. De la chair du corps au corps selon la chair. Represented through – donc nous sommes inconstantexs. A relation of affinity magnified by the heritage of provocation. A community multiplied by collaboration – amplitude of meaning, thus ironic distance. A tasteless buffet. Unburdening through the buffoonery. Moving forward with violence and rage: waves of shame and what’s in the name? Philosophical problems conveyed by a cautious look. Descending, discouraged, does it matter?

8) Bifrons, if it were enough, could be a definition of matter and form. Everything stands in the relation between the two terms, difference, separation and unveiling. But Janus repudiates the concrete, excommunicates absolute matter. Here though, only becomings coexists, multiples and infinites. No great rings of the Same and the Other, neither demiurge nor opposites, simply pure presence – autopoiesis. For this reason, we pray to another Janus, a multi-fronted deity: beginning without end, guarding no door. Key without staff, autocratic openness, with no closure or opposite – lack.

9) Fake’o’logy, friendly conversations and joy. Splintered on the floor in the presence of the mirror of reality. Suffering expressed through the child’s lament, “I was only a child”. This experience of time that leaves the subject in tatters tells us that the fragmentary is an experience of the body, that it is the time of fatigue and waiting, the time of passivity. And you, what would you do? Le corps est un costume, which is getting ready for the theatre of the world and ends up sticking to the skin. The splendour of the outside communicated by the fear of the inside world. The concert on the open sea, the buoyancy between the ebb and the flow, then the neap tides. What? The exhaustion of the body and the dissemination of the word.