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by Ishai Shapira Kalter

> écrit il y a par

dear ishai,

thank you for being just a dear host to me. it was great to see you. and in paris no less. i love your israel cite suite, i’ll keep memories of rainy coffee talks about tinder, delicious pasta monastic style, the sartre book that matched the painting on the bike depot out the window. your rst sculpture above my air mattress, and charming blanket anxiety. what was the story about the sheet? imagining your sunset show falling asleep. our day of art, who was that video artist again, will you show her? the gilet jaune at the square. the noodles hole and dix-sept where we talked with the barcelonian who tried to kiss you.. no segure, no ricoure,,? and savine (sp?) the israeli bartender, who had gone to ponderosa, said it was intense social dynamics. she wasn’t kidding. its funny bc someone mentioned she had a hard time there and i knew what they were talking about. and then getting to come back but brie y 3 weeks later, to all the blenders, imagining your mother baking cakes. what did you call your power containers? how is your shoulder? did you go to the american hospital? i left you sleeping bc i thought you needed the rest. i didn’t sleep much so went and sat by the seine as the sun rose, preparing for family chapter. which went smoothly! everyone was on good behavior, and we even got newborn kittens.
now i’m back at the manse. lots to gure out. tapped trees for maple syrup, have a dumpster to tear the garage into, catching up on correspondence, finances, and planning the yr. floating in a strange kind of timeless re-entering.
i hope paris continues to be fruitful for you. thank you for sharing it with me.
until soon
xx chip